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DMS Funds Launches DMS Poland Index Fund

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New Fund Seeks to Replicate Performance of WIG20 Index


DMS Funds announced on August 6th the launch of the DMS Poland Index Fund.>DMS Funds is a mutual fund company offering funds based on stock exchange and sector benchmark indexes in emerging and frontier markets.

The DMS Poland Index Fund seeks to replicate as closely as possible, before fees and expenses, the price and performance of the WIG20 Index which comprises the 20 largest companies trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. 

We`re delighted to announce the newest addition to the DMS Funds family. As with all DMS Funds, the DMS Poland Index Fund is based on an established benchmark index -- in this instance, the WIG20 Index -- to provide U.S. investors access to the investment opportunity of an emerging market, stated Mr. Kohli, CEO and CIO of DMS Funds.

The top 10 companies in the WIG20, responsible for 83.21% of its weighting, represent Poland`s banking, insurance, basic materials, oil and gas, energy and telecom industries. Additional information about the DMS Poland Index Fund may be viewed at>

Among the reasons cited by Mr. Kohli for DMS Funds` selection of the WIG20 as the basis for its newest fund are:

  • We believe the WIG20 has delivered consistently solid returns over the last 10 years.
  • Poland`s potential growth prospects appear bright:
    • Its five-year (2013-2017) forecasted GDP growth is 21%.
    • It is the largest new member of the Economic Union (EU) and the only EU member to have largely avoided the Euro crisis. 
    • Poland is slated to become the manufacturing hub of Europe; unlike its EU co-member countries, its manufacturing base is expanding -- not contracting.
    • Poland`s middle class, currently at 38 million, is growing rapidly; as with the populations of other post-Soviet states, Poles are very appreciative of capitalism and hungry for the benefits it provides.

About DMS Funds
DMS Funds, established in early 2012, is focused exclusively on offering mutual funds based on stock exchange and sector benchmark indexes in emerging and frontier markets. DMS Funds is the first U.S. company to create a mutual fund based on a NASDAQ OMX global index. Additional information about DMS Funds may be found at>



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