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Photo of the week

Photo of the week

The Witcher 3 video games sold 4 million copies in first 2 weeks. Production costs were around $32 million, with additional $35 million for marketing. Shares in CD Projekt, the parent company, are up 420% in the last 3 years.


WSE Indices

WIG20 2230,28 +0,12 % 17:15
WIG 52808,18 +0,11 % 17:15
sWIG80 13394,60 +0,82 % 17:15
NCIndex 285,06 +0,45 % 17:15

WSE Companies

Top 5 Gainers

PBG3,20+35,59 %
KOFOLA34,04+16,98 %
MSX RESOURCES0,30+15,38 %
AWBUD SA3,02+14,39 %
BIOTON SA8,06+13,36 %

Top 5 Losers

EFH0,02-75,00 %
WISTIL36,15-18,12 %
IBSM0,63-16,00 %
HAWE1,15-14,18 %