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P4 mobile operator records PLN 707 mln EBITDA in 2013 on PLN 3.72 bln revenues

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Mobile telecom P4, the Play network operator, recorded PLN 707 mln EBITDA in 2013, up from PLN 562 mln in 2012, with revenues growing 4% y/y to PLN 3.72 bln and the number of clients up to 10.7 mln, P4 representatives said during a press conference.


In Q4 alone, EBITDA reached PLN 211 mln as it grew 4% q/q, while revenues reached PLN 979 mln, up by 4.5% q/q, officials said.


The company expects further revenue growth in 2014 after deceleration last year caused by reduction of wholesale Mobile Termination Rates (MTR).


The number of clients of the Play network in 2013 rose by 24% y/y to 10.7 mln, a 19% market share at end-year, the firm said. Post-paid clients accounted for 44.4% of the total number at end-2013 versus 44.6% at end-2012.


P4 became a net payer of interconnect costs for the first time last year due to the introduction of symmetrical fees as of the beginning of 2013, the firm said. The firm incurred interconnect costs of PLN 133 mln last year versus a positive net balance of PLN 89 mln in 2012.


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