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BZ WBK bank to maintain its impressive growth of fee income in H2

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Bank BZ WBK would like to maintain the 5% annual growth rate of its fee income in H2 after 5.3% growth in Q2, CFO Maciej Reluga told an analyst conference.

"When it comes to the total fee result, we would like to maintain it [growth rate from Q2] but whether particular fee income lines will perform as in Q2 it is hard to say," Reluga said. "If it turns out that some categories don't maintain high pace from Q2, others will catch up."


"If we maintained this 5% growth rate in H2, maybe with a different structure, it would be nice," he added.


Net fee earnings in Q2 were up by 4.3% q/q and 5.3% y/y to PLN 495.6 mln, H1 report out pre-session showed.



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